Key Findings

  • 01

    Increase in wages for aged care staff post Fair Work Commission aged care wage increase taking effect in June 2023. In the quarter following (Q1 2024), Registered Nurses received an average hourly wage of $48, Enrolled nurses received $38 per hour and support carers recieved $31 per hour.

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    56% of residential aged care providers operating expenses were staffing costs for care delivery. 3 roles comprised 80% of this expenditure. Nursing Assistants and Personal Care Workers (53.4%), Registered Nurses (21.5%) and Enrolled Nurses (5.1%).

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    Despite improvement in average daily care minutes per resident from 194 to 196 there is still a shortfall of approximately 761,844 minutes to reach the target set by Department of Health and Aged Care. 380,922 of these additional care minutes must come from Registered Nurses.

  • Average salary by job title

    Job TitleAverage Salary (hr)Salary Range (hr)
    Registered Nurses
    $48.00$20 - $193
    Enrolled Nurses
    $38.00$21 - $134
    Personal Care Workers
    $31.00$13 - $114

    Types of care staff employed in residential aged care

    CategoryPercentage care staff spend (%)
    Assistants in Nursing and Personal Care Workers
    Registered Nurses
    Enrolled Nurses
    Care management staff
    Allied health
    Lifestyle and recreation staff

    Top Registered Nurse Pay

    RankCompanyAverage Salary (hr)Salary Range (hr)

    Top Enrolled Nurse Pay

    RankCompanyAverage Salary (hr)Salary Range (hr)

    Top Care Worker Pay

    RankCompany Average Salary (hr)Salary Range (hr)

    Data sources

  • 1. Department of Health and Aged Care ACFR  (Reporting period FY 2023)
  • 2. My Aged Care
  • 3. Department of Health and Aged Care QF  (Reporting period: Quarter 1 FY 23-24)