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SummitCare Baulkham Hills

· 5 Bass Drive Baulkham Hills 2153 Nsw

Residential aged care at SummitCare Baulkham Hills in Baulkham Hills, New South Wales

  • Permanent
  • Respite
  • Dementia
  • About the home

    SummitCare Baulkham Hills is an aged care home located in a quiet residential area. It offers a range of accommodations including private single suites with ensuite bathrooms, larger suites for couples, and one-bedroom superior suites. The facility boasts a luxurious, hotel-like atmosphere with versatile communal spaces for relaxation and socialization.

    The care home features landscaped gardens, a giant chess set, a children's play area, courtyards, walking paths, and a rooftop oasis offering panoramic views. On-site amenities include a media room, library, beauty salon, wellness centre, medical suite, cafe, private dining, and pop-up retail. Conveniently situated near public transport and Stockland Shopping Centre, SummitCare fosters strong community ties for its residents.

    • Nearby shops
    • Gardens
    • Outdoor courtyard

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    SummitCare Baulkham Hills Reviews

    8.0· Recommended by 83% residents



    The Residents Experience rating shows what current residents at SummitCare Baulkham Hills think of the food, staff, care and more. These ratings are from the 2023 Aged Care Quality Commission Survey.

    Fiona Darma
    Fiona Darma
     · 05/02/2023

    My dad has been cared for at SCBH for 1 year. We are thankfull for the medical & nursing care, great meals and all the facilities that he is receiving. GP, RNs, nurse assistants, to Admin staff have been very helpful and attentive. SCBH gives a new, positive insight to Aged Care Facility to our family and friends. We are impressed!!

    Rebecca Ellison
    Rebecca Ellison
     · 20/10/2021

    Pros: Great nursing home for day to day basic needs with caring staff. The front of house is very well organised and friendly, the nurses and staff are very caring BUT... Cons: DO NOT let your loved one go through the palliative care/end of life process here - even though they advertise that they have the facilities & capability, this is not at all adequate with nursing support. We chose for our loved one (who was already a resident) to return 'home' so she would be comfortable in her own space during her final weeks of life. After being transferred back from hospital we had a horrid experience at Summit Care where her morphine/pain intervention needs were not able to be met due to inadequate staffing levels of registered nurses to give breakthrough medication when needed. With the primary nurse being already being very busy (with their normal day to day schedule) and needing a secondary nurse from another busy section to be also present, it meant we were waiting a long time before my grandmother's urgent needs were able to be met. It was a traumatising experience compared to other end of life experiences I have unfortunately had to experience. At numerous times, my usually resilient grandmother would be crying in my arms in acute & crippling pain, with me running back and forth to the nursing station trying to find a nurse and also asking for more morphine and using the 'call' button. We would frequently have to wait for 30-45 mins for the nurses to be: 1. available and 2. to find another busy nurse to administer the medication. The nurses were always very apologetic and I really felt for them in their situation also but it was also a very traumatic experience to watch and observe in my grandmother's final weeks/days in extreme discomfort. The home is lovely for standard needs for an aged care facility but for higher than normal needs (e.g. palliative care) I would not recommend as the nursing staff are already so busy, and expecting them to take on higher needs in addition to their normal workload with no additional support is a lot to ask for.

    Paul McKenzie
    Paul McKenzie
     · 24/09/2021

    Many thanks to Ankur, the management and the wonderful for looking after Mum Robyn so very well, during her time at SummitCare Baulkham Hills, in respite care. The location, facilities, management, staff and services been very good. Mum Robyn loved having her meals in the balcony area. Wishing everyone the very best. Warmest & best regards.

    Margaret Sheppard
    Margaret Sheppard
     · 17/08/2021

    Summit Care Baulkham Hills came to media attention when it had a staff member and three residents test positive for COVID. Since then there have been other facilities similarly affected but as someone with a family member at SCBH, I can say that i believe no facility could have managed this situation better. Every precaution and consideration was taken and I was particularly grateful that all residents had been offered the Pfizer vaccination back in April when not all facilities were so quick to act. This undoubtedly prevented a much bigger outbreak and best of all, no resident died as a result of COVID. We received twice daily communiques to update the situation and two webinars were held with management, Health Dept officials and advocacy groups present and at which residents and family members could attend virtually and ask questions. Prior to this current COVID outbreak we chose SCBH for our relative because of the high standard of accomodation and general environment on offer, the high quality meals and RN stationed in each neighbourhood 24/7. No aged care facility can be perfect and concerns will always arise but what I have found and what is most important to me is that any concerns I have had have been carefully listened and responded to and ultimately addressed. . Since admission to SCBH my family member's health has improved. She came in undernourished and has made significant weight gains. The worries she had in trying to manage her day to day life, which made her frustrated and angry, seem to have slid from her shoulders and she is now calm and seemingly content. Those staff that I deal with are warm and caring people who I believe are genuinely concerned with providing the best care possible for their residents and working with family members. She who fought so hard against leaving her own home, when finally admitted to SCBH said to me upon the day of her arrival at SCBH, 'I can't believe it - it's a dream come true!' Aged Care is not where anyone wants to go but it is sometimes where people really need to be., As hard as the decision was to come to and as difficult as COVID lockdown has been, I have confidence that the choice of SCBH was the right one.

    Margo Igras
    Margo Igras
     · 06/04/2021

    My mother is a resident at SummitCare Baulkham Hills. She recently celebrated her 99th birthday there. We approached them for a space where our family could gather and celebrate this occasion. The chef baked a delicious cake, the staff dressed mum beautifully, the balloons and table setting was done with care. We felt like SummitCare was celebrating this important event with us and we commend the staff for making this birthday so special.

    Rooms & Pricing

    $475,000 - $1,500,000 · 157 rooms · Concessional residents welcome

    Classic Suite without Balcony1Ensuite23sqm
    Ground Floor Premium Suite with Balcony2Shared34sqm
    Classic Suite with Balcony1Ensuite29sqm
    Premium Suite without Balcony1Ensuite28sqm
    Premium Suite without Balcony (shared)2Shared28sqm
    Deluxe Couples Suite with Balcony2Ensuite71sqm
    Deluxe Couples Suite without Balcony2Ensuite60sqm
    Deluxe Suite without Balcony (single occupancy)1Ensuite60sqm
    Deluxe Suite with Balcony (single occupancy)1Ensuite71sqm
    Premium Suite with Balcony1Ensuite34sqm

    About the Staff

    216 mins
    All Care Staff
    45 mins
    Registered Nurse

    Types of staff employed

    Enrolled Nurses
    Registered Nurses
    Personal Carers
    Speech Pathologists
    Care Managers
    Allied Health Assistants
    Lifestyle and Recreation

    The average resident at SummitCare Baulkham Hills received 216 minutes of total daily care from a combination of support workers, enrolled and registered nurses. This is 109% of their daily total care target of 198 minutes set by the Australian government based on the unique needs of their residents.

    Things to know

    About the operator

    • Operated by SummitCare Baulkham Hills (NSW) Pty Ltd
    • For profit business
    • Is Commonwealth government subsidised
    • ABN: 62609539273

    Safety Checks

    • Certification valid
    • Has not received notice of sanction
    • Is accredited
    • 1 Year accreditation period


    5 Bass Drive Baulkham Hills 2153 Nsw


    What is the ACQSC star rating of SummitCare Baulkham Hills?

    SummitCare Baulkham Hills has an overall ACQSC star rating of Good.

    What is the price range of residential aged care at SummitCare Baulkham Hills?

    SummitCare Baulkham Hills has 10 different types of rooms which range in price between $475,000 and $1,500,000 maximum refundable accomodation deposit.

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