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St Ann's Home Davey Street

Residential aged care at St Ann's Home Davey Street in Hobart, Tasmania

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  • Dementia
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    St Ann's is a contemporary aged care home located in a quiet residential area close to Hobart's city center. It blends heritage charm with modern facilities such as a communal dining area, garden courtyard, cafe, and a library. The home provides a range of services including residential and palliative care, secure dementia care, and respite care. Meals are prepared using the Oscar Hospitality system, with ingredients sourced locally.

    The facility offers diverse health and wellbeing programs tailored to individual needs, activities like bingo, arts, and musical therapy, and regular outings. Residents have access to specialist care from physiotherapists, dieticians, and other medical professionals. St Ann’s emphasizes a secure and stimulating environment for its residents.

    • Gardens
    • Outdoor courtyard
    • Onsite hairdresser
    • Specialised allied health services
    • Organised activities
    • Pets allowed
    Effie Young
    Effie Young
     · 07/06/2022

    I cannot commend or recommend St Ann’s and the entire care staff more highly. The consideration, respect, level of care and general attitudes of all who cared for our mother Robin, and us, was nothing short of extraordinary. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. The Young family.

    India The Pringle
    India The Pringle
     · 02/05/2022

    During my grandmother's time living at St Ann's, there were numerous instances when my family was let down by subpar treatment and organisation surrounding her needs. However, it was her last few days at the facility which I would like to share as an example of the standard of care one can expect for elderly relatives at this facility. At the end of 2021, my grandmother was transferred from St Ann's to hospital due to symptoms of advanced dementia. It was clear that she was close to passing away, but due to issues with capacity the hospital requested for her to be cared for at St Ann's instead of the palliative care ward. St Ann's assured the hospital that adequate care would be available, including a bed with railings and constant supervision. After the decision to transfer was made, we were told that St Ann's did not have an available bed with railings, and understaffing meant that it was impossible for staff to continuously monitor her condition. At this stage my grandmother was still able to communicate, and as soon as the transport vehicle pulled into the drop-off area at St Ann's, her previously cheerful and almost normal speech was replaced by terror, which triggered a frantic and delusional state. She was escorted to her room where my mother and aunt attempted to calm her down. Eventually she fell asleep, and my mother and aunt took the opportunity to go home and rest. The next morning, my mother was informed that my grandmother had fallen out of bed and was once again in the hospital. Miraculously my grandmother had not sustained any serious injuries from the fall, but the stress of the ordeal had significantly worsened her psychological state and advanced her symptoms of dementia. From then on, her ability to communicate deteriorated, and her condition worsened until she eventually passed away a few weeks later. Throughout her time in the hospital, we received one call from St Ann's, who did not bother to ask how my grandmother was doing but instead wanted to know whether they could give her room to someone else. The final time my family and I visited St Ann's was to collect my grandmother's belongings from her room. When we arrived, no one asked us about my grandmother, no one offered condolences and no one offered to help us move the items to the car. Even as I sat outside the room sobbing, unable to cope with the grief that being back in that room instilled in me, the staff walked past us as if we weren't even there. St Ann's played a significant factor in the trauma that my family and I carry from the already horrible experience of losing a loved one, and the lack of compassion, transparency and honesty of those in charge of the facility resulting in the fall may well have cost my family a few more days or weeks with my grandmother. For the sake of your loved ones, do not trust St Ann's with the safety and wellbeing of your elderly relatives. If you already have relatives at the facility, check on them regularly, ask them if their needs are being met, and check that all claims made by the staff surrounding your loved one are accurate. The last thing I want is for another family to go through a similar ordeal to that of my own.

    sally woodhouse
    sally woodhouse
     · 12/04/2022

    Beautifully decorated nursing home Friendly and caring staff. Nice courtyard for outdoor enjoyment. Plenty of lounge areas for receiving guests.

    Sharon Weeding
    Sharon Weeding
     · 16/10/2018

    The most caring staff and management I have ever come across. Well run with a stunning setting in a beautiful building that is truly a home away from home.

     · 17/09/2017

    St Ann's Davey Street has an excellent reputation and provides quality care and conditions; I was delighted when an offer was made for one of my parents and have no regrets.

    Rooms & Pricing

    $425,000 - $525,000 · 444 rooms · Concessional residents welcome

    Premium Room1Ensuite19m2 - 22m2
    Superior Room1Ensuite18m2
    Deluxe Room1Ensuite18m2
    Standard Room1Ensuite18m2

    Things to know

    About the operator

    • Operated by Respect Group Limited
    • Is Commonwealth government subsidised
    • ABN: 74121263545

    Safety Checks

    • Certification valid
    • Has not received notice of sanction
    • Is accredited


    142 Davey Street Hobart 7000 Tas