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Pathways Cronulla Pines

· 31-35 Sturt Road Cronulla 2230 Nsw

Residential aged care at Pathways Cronulla Pines in Cronulla, New South Wales

  • Permanent
  • Respite
  • Dementia
  • About the home

    Pathways Cronulla Pines is a newly constructed aged care home located minutes from the beach in a residential area near local amenities like parks, hospitals, churches, and shops. The facility offers single bedrooms with large ensuites, landscaped grounds overlooking Cronulla golf course, spacious communal areas, and an onsite café and beauty spa.

    It provides 24/7 nursing care and physiotherapy services, focusing on individual, person-centered care. The in-house executive chef uses a paddock-to-plate philosophy to prepare meals. This home aims to combine luxury living with high-quality care.

    • Gardens
    • Outdoor courtyard
    • Nearby shops
    • Onsite hairdresser
    • Near to beach

    Pathways Cronulla Pines Rating

    Based on resident reviews and Government service audits.

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    Staffing Minutes
    1 Year Accreditation

    Pathways Cronulla Pines Reviews

    6.9· Recommended by 66% residents



    The Residents Experience rating shows what current residents at Pathways Cronulla Pines think of the food, staff, care and more. These ratings are from the 2023 Aged Care Quality Commission Survey.

    Paul Moschione
    Paul Moschione
     · 07/02/2023

    Beautifully appoinred aged care facility

    Nicole Hudson
    Nicole Hudson
     · 20/01/2023

    My mother was transferred for a 2 week respite with the look at residential care. I was charmed and greeted on arrival . Mum was not showered for her 9 day stay nor was she provided a Dr when needed . As the days went on , I saw a rapid decline in mums health and after expressing many concerns and being lied to daily that a Dr would see mum , it didn’t happen . Mum was scared and vulnerable in this well presented facility . May I say,looks are very deceiving. With inexperience of how nursing homes work, I was just in disbelief that Mum couldn’t see a Dr as her gp was out of area and couldn’t travel to the pines . I was told daily that I had to go in search of a gp that was willing to visit the pines! Honestly , how on earth can you offer aged care for $2000 for 9 days in respite without a Doctor handy ? I then called an after hours Doctor, only to learn that the pines did not allow the doctor entry. They lied to my face and said that the Dr cancelled. On day 9 , I called in to see mum and she declined so badly that I called the paramedics. Two vans arrived very promptly and mum was taken straight to hospital . She then spent the night in emergency until there was a bed in the ward . Whilst raising my concerns on signing mum into full time care , I was told if the paperwork wasn’t signed , mum would have to leave a fortnight after her arrival. I was told , until I sell mums home it would be $2380 per week with no Doctor …if she needs a doctor we will call the paramedics !! I have since moved mum into an amazing facility where there is two in house Doctors , the paramedics will come when needed to access and help with medications and if there is need the flying Drs come in to run tests so your loved ones are well cared for . Mums new place does not present like the pines but the beauty and care inside the walls is truly amazing. They painted mums room , and allowed me to decorate in any way I wanted and even had the Maintaince drill mums personal decorations and put extra PowerPoints as needed . The most shocking phone call was the pines nurse asking me to send mums records to Sutherland Hospital as the pines had disposed of mums records not even 18 hrs of being transported with the paramedics. Before I left ,I asked the four managing staff that I had called to the room for answers when I arrived and saw mum in the sate she was in , if they would leave their mother like that and they said NO! They also added that they had offered the paramedics but mum said no as she was to weak to travel to the hospital, lucky I turned up when I did and in my duty of care as her daughter , and called the ambulance . If your so sick and week and have dehydrated pink burns down each side of your mouth and eyes , where is their duty of care? I was told by mums nurse that she needed liquid morphine , however our in house Dr isn’t taking on anymore patients so I needed to go and hunt down a doctor that would prescribe it and continue to see mum whilst she resided in the pines ! How do you leave hospital with high needs and not have a Doctor available? Ironic the review before mine states the same ! I truly don’t feel comfortable sharing this, however , if I just help one person or make another aware as most are all new to this . The pines is beautifully decorated, but don’t be fooled . Quick to withdraw the 14 day respite from the account when day 9 was straight to hospital and the files destroyed 😢

    Louise Wylie
    Louise Wylie
     · 25/06/2021

    Very friendly, professional and caring. Covid restrictions in place , Mother in law has a lovely sunny room and says the food is good, staff are kind and interested in her welfare and show it.

    Jacqueline Beckett
    Jacqueline Beckett
     · 31/08/2020

    I want you to know from the bottom of my heart that I'm truly  grateful to everyone of your employee's from the cleaners, nursing aids, nurses to management and administration staff. They are all caring and treat everyone that enters the home that we are all part of one big family regardless of sometimes the diffucult situation they are put in by residents families their calming effect that they display towards residents is something that pathways should be very proud of. Thank you to all of you for keeping residents safe at this terrible time of the covit19. If I had any doubt that auntie Florence was not happy in the home that all went by the wayside especially on Saturday Robert and I tried to hold her hand and most times she pushed them away but when your staff came into her room she held onto their hands pretty hard and you could see the peace come over her when they were there. The male nurse sorry I can't remember his name was exceptional in the way he looked after her and us. I will never forget the care and love that was given to aunty florence by you all. Thank you to you for all the help you have given us and I know that it was the right decision to place aunty florence in the care of your home

    Brad Simmons and Lyn Stannus
    Brad Simmons and Lyn Stannus
     · 26/08/2020

    This facility looks very schmick but the facade hides the poor level of care that exists there. My 87 year old mother had her offer of a permanent placement there revoked after voicing concerns during her respite period. So much for the aged care charter guaranteeing the right to be heard! The aged care quality and safety commission case was closed by us so that a decent dialogue could ensue between us and Pathways. Instead the silence has been deafening!

    Rooms & Pricing

    $650,000 - $850,000 · 169 rooms · Concessional residents welcome

    Luxury Room1Ensuite23 sq meters to 25 sq meters
    Premium Room1Ensuite23 sq meters to 25 sq meters
    Premium Room with Balcony1Ensuite23 sq meters to 25 sq meters
    Deluxe Room1Ensuite22.5sqm + ensuite
    Premium Room with Balcony and Lounge1Ensuite23 sq meters to 25 sq meters

    About the Staff

    199 mins
    All Care Staff
    29 mins
    Registered Nurse

    Types of staff employed

    Enrolled Nurses
    Registered Nurses
    Personal Carers
    Speech Pathologists
    Care Managers
    Occupational Therapists
    Lifestyle and Recreation

    The average resident at Pathways Cronulla Pines received 199 minutes of total daily care from a combination of support workers, enrolled and registered nurses. This is 103% of their daily total care target of 193 minutes set by the Australian government based on the unique needs of their residents.

    Things to know

    About the operator

    • Operated by Pathways Aged Care Pty Limited
    • For profit business
    • Is Commonwealth government subsidised
    • ABN: 96093017399

    Safety Checks

    • Certification valid
    • Has not received notice of sanction
    • Is accredited


    31-35 Sturt Road Cronulla 2230 Nsw


    What is the ACQSC star rating of Pathways Cronulla Pines?

    Pathways Cronulla Pines has an overall ACQSC star rating of Improvement needed.

    What is the price range of residential aged care at Pathways Cronulla Pines?

    Pathways Cronulla Pines has 5 different types of rooms which range in price between $650,000 and $850,000 maximum refundable accomodation deposit.

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