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Medina Manor Aged Care

· 200A Smith Street Thornbury 3071 Vic

Residential aged care at Medina Manor Aged Care in Thornbury, Victoria

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    Medina Manor Aged Care in Thornbury, part of the Allity Aged Care Group, offers both permanent and respite care with a strong focus on dementia-specific support. The facility aims to create an empowering and stimulating environment for residents, emphasizing independence and quality of life improvements. Staff are trained in culturally appropriate dementia care and meet benchmarking standards.

    Residents have the ability to personalize their rooms with soft furnishings and additional furniture, enhancing their comfort and sense of ownership of their space.

      Medina Manor Aged Care Rating

      Based on resident reviews and Government service audits.

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      Medina Manor Aged Care Reviews

      7.8· Recommended by 77% residents



      The Residents Experience rating shows what current residents at Medina Manor Aged Care think of the food, staff, care and more. These ratings are from the 2023 Aged Care Quality Commission Survey.

      Patricia Weston
      Patricia Weston
       · 21/10/2022

      Went to see my mum and the staff are so caring..she's well looked after and there are definitely changes good ones all for the better . Thanks to all the staff ..she's in the right place ..should have happened ages ago her being there where she is today.. Thanks to the docs and nurses .

      Inga Zukova
      Inga Zukova
       · 16/09/2022

      if you love your parents find another place for them

      Prudence Graf
      Prudence Graf
       · 08/09/2021

      When diagnosed with Alzheimer's in MAY'11 my husband, Peter, accepted and fought his medical condition with courage and determination. The most cruel stage arrived when Peter had to surrender his driver's licence in JUN'17. It was devastating for him to let go of that last vestige of freedom and self-dignity. As a result, and having grown up in the mountains, Peter developed an addiction for long walks (15-20kms a day). He once mentioned to a friend that walking cleared his mind. All went well for about 3 years and then Peter was unable to find his way back home. With the help of tracking devices I would collect him 3 to 4 times a day, from various locations. This task got increasingly dangerous, especially when daylight saving ended. That's when I decided to relinquish my carer's role to professionals. But not all health professionals were prepared to open their doors to Peter because they considered him "high risk". Through the services of an Advocate Peter was accepted by an Edwardian style home in Camberwell. But 4 weeks later the Manager told me to find another place because they lacked the resources to manage Peter's behaviour. My dear husband felt trapped and wanted to break free. The Advocate then strongly recommended Medina Manor because it's dementia-specific......this aged care home has been a godsend !!! Medina Manor has all the basic amenities. The rooms are bright, and well appointed. The saving feature, where my husband is concerned, is the narrow garden that wraps around the property. There are 3 big doors residents can open to step out, and then open to step back in. Considering the confined space, this outdoor facility is a brilliant idea. It gives residents a perception of freedom - an area to walk, interact with others, have a chat or a smoke . Peter entered Medina Manor on 04JUN'21 and it didn't take long for him to settle in and be made to feel at home. The staff are exceptional - no task is big enough, which speaks for "leadership". They all seem to be highly trained in dementia care. And most importantly, there are ample staff and a registered nurse on every shift - residents don't seem neglected. Families are updated with fortnightly newsletters describing activities organised for the residents and supported by photos. Every newsletter, which I share with my friends, is a work of art and hilariously compiled. It's a wonderful way to let families know that their loved ones are entertained and well cared for. In between lockdowns Peter was visited by a few of our very close friends, whose opinions are similar to mine and listed below :- 1) I was impressed by the care staff took with the residents. Peter looked happy and settled. I was touched by their little gestures to make him feel at home with his Memory Book and pictures on his walls. 2) I got the feeling that he was not locked in, free to open a door and go outside. It was good to see his nice bright bedroom and Peter not seeming stressed. It was obvious to see things that were done to make him feel at home. My opinion of the residence has mainly been formed by the wonderful newsletter with accounts of what they do to stimulate everyone. It all goes towards the impression that he is in a very caring environment. 3) The staff appeared to be very kind and supportive, residents seemed to be happy and looked well cared for. The premises inside were clean and tidy. Seemed to be a good number of staff on hand to support residents. My Peter has forgotten the past, no longer worries about the future - he lives in the present. I am happy he is in good hands, and my sincere thanks to all the staff at Medina Manor.

      Teresa A
      Teresa A
       · 26/08/2021

      Our family is so grateful to all the amazing staff at Medina Manor Aged Care in Thornbury- they are so caring and wonderful with Dad, and he is really well taken care of. Even through all the events with Covid-19 they have maintained a very high level of care and engagement, making a real difference in the quality and happiness of Dads life. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Medina Manor for anyone needing care for their loved one.

      Griffith Young
      Griffith Young
       · 23/08/2021

      Back in May 2019, I was looking for a place for my mother who had dementia. It makes me emotional just thinking about how bad it was back then. I found her a place here at Medina Manor. She has been here for over 2 years now and I really cannot thank the staff at Medina enough. This place is family in a way that no other place can be. Having a parent with dementia is an incredibly trying experience and they are frightened. I have seen many families suffering over the past 2 years and COVID has not helped at all. Roz was the manager when mum arrived and Peta is the manager now, both of them are exceptional. The home is very diverse and it shows that demetia affects everyone. Dementia is a hard thing to cope with and these people are legends.

      Rooms & Pricing

      $315,000 - $415,000 · 44 rooms · Concessional residents welcome

      Single large ens1Ensuite16
      Single private1Ensuite16
      Large single1Ensuite19

      About the Staff

      181 mins
      All Care Staff
      46 mins
      Registered Nurse

      Types of staff employed

      Registered Nurses
      Personal Carers
      Speech Pathologists
      Care Managers
      Lifestyle and Recreation

      The average resident at Medina Manor Aged Care received 181 minutes of total daily care from a combination of support workers, enrolled and registered nurses. This is 82% of their daily total care target of 220 minutes set by the Australian government based on the unique needs of their residents.

      Things to know

      About the operator

      • Operated by Allity Pty Ltd
      • Not for profit business
      • Is Commonwealth government subsidised
      • ABN: 32143413638

      Safety Checks

      • Certification valid
      • Has not received notice of sanction
      • Is accredited


      200A Smith Street Thornbury 3071 Vic


      What is the ACQSC star rating of Medina Manor Aged Care?

      Medina Manor Aged Care has an overall ACQSC star rating of Acceptable.

      What is the price range of residential aged care at Medina Manor Aged Care?

      Medina Manor Aged Care has 3 different types of rooms which range in price between $315,000 and $415,000 maximum refundable accomodation deposit.

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