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Forest Lake Lodge

· 12 Tewantin Way Forest Lake 4078 QLD

Residential aged care at Forest Lake Lodge in Forest Lake, Queensland

  • Permanent
  • Respite
  • Dementia
  • About the home

    Forest Lake Lodge is a family-owned aged care home that offers a variety of facilities and services. It features a 5-star rated kitchen accommodating all dietary needs and welcomes family and friends to join in communal meals. The home provides a range of activities, entertainment options, and a weekly hairdresser visit. Full-time registered nurses and daily allied health services ensure high-quality care across all levels, including palliative care facilitated by Metro South Palliative Care Service. Forest Lake Lodge emphasizes emotional, cultural, and spiritual support for all residents, with special attention to those with dementia. The home also maintains a stringent clinical governance system to manage clinical issues effectively.

    • Onsite hairdresser
    • Organised activities
    • Specialised allied health services

    Top Rated Home in Forest Lake

    One of the top homes in Forest Lake according to residents and Government service audits.

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    1 Year Accreditation

    Forest Lake Lodge Reviews

    7.7· Recommended by 78% residents



    The Residents Experience rating shows what current residents at Forest Lake Lodge think of the food, staff, care and more. These ratings are from the 2023 Aged Care Quality Commission Survey.

    Keith Charlton
    Keith Charlton
     · 01/09/2022

    My mother recently passed away peacefully at age 94 and had resided at this facility for the last two years. Unhappily, she was a lady of very fixed and abrasive (sometimes) opinions and we feared she would resist being in aged care. Miracles do happen! From day one she was a picture of happiness and took every opportunity to emphasise just how well she was looked after by FLL staff. Zero complaints (for the first time in her life....).

    rachael johnson
    rachael johnson
     · 28/10/2021

    My mum was sick after her evening meal, was attack by an lady in there, am man was/has been lining on her bed, he plays with himself, c wants to come home to live with us, c has family, like many others in there, but there not letting them come home at all. Its an trouble place its an jail for them set times for every thing, DO YOU HEAR THE SRS SING,THE SONG OF ANGERY SRS

    Kathryn Wellbelove
    Kathryn Wellbelove
     · 03/07/2021

    I am a little afraid to be 100 percent honest in this review because I worry it will effect my mothers care. I disagree with the meals being healthy, as mum is diabetic & the meals taste like copious amounts of salt have been added, so salty my mum cannot eat them & she shouldnt either her sugar level will go through the roof. . Upon her arrival there mum had a wound on her leg, after 2 weeks the dressing still had not been changed. On one of my visits mum wanted to go to the bathroom so I pressed the button & waited, after 13 minutes I pressed it again, after 25 minutes I pressed it again & went looking for a staff member, I had no luck. I realise so many people need care & occasionally this may happen but it happens too often & the distress I see in my mum distresses me greatly. The staff I have had interaction with mostly have been very nice, approachable & helpful but more staff are definitely needed to give everyone a better quality of living, I would really hate to think it comes down to less staff more money bigger profit?

    Phil Macinante
    Phil Macinante
     · 01/10/2019

    This aged care / nursing home is nice. Good facilities, good environment. The majority of the staff is great, however like anywhere staff changes. I would recommend this facility, but always keep an eye on your old folks no matter what or where they maybe.

    Abe Martian
    Abe Martian
     · 08/09/2019

    The food is disgraceful. Pureed to an inch of it's life. Even when elderly can chew. Family elderly member refuses to eat their food (which I would not touch myself and it looks disgraceful) so we have to provide food when we can. Absolute Skeleton staff on the weekends. Saw a call for ensuite assistance that lasted over 10 minutes. No wonder there are falls in the place. The website states "we also provide delicious freshly baked biscuits, muffins or scones every single day for morning and afternoon tea." In all the time I've been visiting, and that's been for some years no, I have NEVER seen a muffin or scone. Only biscuits. Sausages are grissly (I can barely cut it for my family member), let alone can they eat it. I have never seen a meal that I have thought, well that's looks edible/decent/enticing. No wonder the elderly are getting weaker and resigned to their rooms. "Every meal is cooked with the love and care you would at home, with fresh fruits, vegetables and meat delivered fresh on site each week. " I have never seen fresh fruit or vegetables YET. Vegetables are either pureed or look like they've been microwaved. "Our full-time chefs are passionate about quality food and is dedicated to ensuring that food looks good and tastes great." Haven't seen a chef their EVER. Nice to say this all over your website but how about delivering. You know, the elderly may not be able to have a voice but the family sees what's going on. Disgraceful.

    Rooms & Pricing

    $250,000 - $550,000 · 243 rooms · Concessional residents welcome

    ROOM D1Ensuite19
    ROOM E1Shared18.18
    Superior A1Ensuite33
    ROOM C1Ensuite10
    Room B1Ensuite24
    Central: Classic A1Shared11

    About the Staff

    200 mins
    All Care Staff
    36 mins
    Registered Nurse

    Types of staff employed

    Enrolled Nurses
    Registered Nurses
    Personal Carers
    Speech Pathologists
    Care Managers
    Lifestyle and Recreation

    The average resident at Forest Lake Lodge received 200 minutes of total daily care from a combination of support workers, enrolled and registered nurses. This is 102% of their daily total care target of 197 minutes set by the Australian government based on the unique needs of their residents.

    Things to know

    About the operator

    • Operated by Lollies Management Pty Ltd
    • For profit business
    • Is Commonwealth government subsidised
    • ABN: 40010533589

    Safety Checks

    • Certification valid
    • Has not received notice of sanction
    • Is accredited

    Languages spoken

    • English
    • Vietnamese


    12 Tewantin Way Forest Lake 4078 QLD


    What is the ACQSC star rating of Forest Lake Lodge?

    Forest Lake Lodge has an overall ACQSC star rating of Acceptable.

    What is the price range of residential aged care at Forest Lake Lodge?

    Forest Lake Lodge has 12 different types of rooms which range in price between $250,000 and $550,000 maximum refundable accomodation deposit.

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