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Emmy Monash Aged Care

· 518-526 Dandenong Road Caulfield 3161 Vic

Residential aged care at Emmy Monash Aged Care in Caulfield, Victoria

  • Permanent
  • Respite
  • Dementia
  • About the home

    Emmy Monash Aged Care, located in Melbourne, serves the Jewish community with 165 beds, providing full aging in place options. The facility includes a variety of amenities such as communal plazas, private lounges, a hairdressing salon, and a café with a courtyard. It offers on-site physiotherapy, speech therapy, and pastoral services from the resident Rabbi.

    Residents benefit from a vibrant lifestyle program tailored to individual interests, including the intergenerational Bridging the Gap program. A communal synagogue hosts spiritual and cultural events. Emmy Monash emphasizes quality improvement and staff development to maintain excellence in aged care.

    • Onsite hairdresser
    • Specialised allied health services
    • Transport
    • Outdoor courtyard
    • Nearby shops
    • Organised activities
    • Near to beach
    • Gardens

    Emmy Monash Aged Care Rating

    Based on resident reviews and Government service audits.

    Overall Score
    Staffing Minutes
    3 Year Accreditation

    Emmy Monash Aged Care Reviews

    7.5· Recommended by 76% residents



    The Residents Experience rating shows what current residents at Emmy Monash Aged Care think of the food, staff, care and more. These ratings are from the 2023 Aged Care Quality Commission Survey.

    Sonia Modzelewski
    Sonia Modzelewski
     · 02/01/2023

    Well I have done a few nursing shifts here, and it has been one of the best places I have been to. I rate it 5 stars because I'm happy to be there and I don't feel stressed the staff are kind supportive

    Ni Bill
    Ni Bill
     · 03/11/2022

    Very very terrible PCA. Especially couple carers on the second floor. They r not following the protocol at all. They use hot metal spoon to feed hot soup for pts who sit in Queen chairs. They push pts to eat and make them choke. They force pt to stand up by themselves who not even capable to stand up and pts fell on the floor again and again.

    silky pabbi
    silky pabbi
     · 15/03/2019

    No respect, rude behaviour of faculty , treating casual staff with unbearable behaviour. This whole makes sense that why are they here and have no sense epecially they need to improve communication skills and their behavioural disturbance is very common among casual staff. Making the casual staff feel very embarrasing . What can we do if they are permanent there if they don't involves in respecting each other. This is very common to listen about the attitudes of staff how they behave, Lack of cooperativeness, not all the staff members some particular people working there. They make the person crying while working with them. No one is expert here, learning never ends up ever. Learn how to work in a team and how cooperate with each other not to shout on casual staff just because of they don't tell about routine and all the things in working area. Keep in mind the day when you all started first . Experience makes the person great . It was great and unforgettable experience here.

    Arsh Virk
    Arsh Virk
     · 15/03/2019

    Worst staff I have seen . Unprofessionals . Staff do not have any sense and manners how to treat casual staff . Whats the use of working here for 7 years if these people do not know the speaking atticates . No team work . Expecting everything from casual staff if they are their slaves especially morning staff . What they want to do? To whom they are showing their attitude. No respect at all. Casual staff come here to help them they do not come to get insulted from them. We do not get money of being insulted . We heard from emmy monash facility that this is a normal behaviour of our staff. If they are so smart and so clever and so expert and so bossy than why they need casual staff urgently. U just know how to become a boss in front of new staff . Why don't they think from where they started. They were also new once. Staff who don't respect each other what we can think about the residents. They should go to school to learn basic things. If this will not be improved than I will also take the names of the staff . Its not going on with one person its with everyone now. They think that they are everything.. Stop this activity of harrasing others . We have seen it here only . No common sense in people. We do not come here to get hurted and insulted.

    Sandip Bhattacharya
    Sandip Bhattacharya
     · 14/12/2018

    I am currently volunteering here on Fridays, for a couple of hours. This is an excellent facility for the elderly: neat, clean and tidy. In fact, you might mistake the inside of this facility for a 5 star hotel! But whats more amazing are their residents and the staff, they are really nice and friendly. Their processes are streamlined and functioning is super smooth. This place indeed gave me one of the best volunteering experience. If you have a passion for helping people and looking forward to start somewhere as a volunteer, this is the place. The staff, as I stated earlier is extremely supportive and they really appreciate time given by volunteers.

    Rooms & Pricing

    $880,000 - $2,700,000 · 167 rooms · Concessional residents welcome

    Diamond Classic1Ensuite30 sqm
    Ruby Deluxe1Ensuite42 sqm
    Emerald Deluxe1Ensuite42 sqm
    Emerald Classic1Ensuite30 sqm
    Ruby Classic1Ensuite30 sqm
    Pearl Suite2Ensuite46.3 - 53.5sqm
    Diamond Deluxe1Ensuite36 sqm
    Opal Suite2Ensuite46.3 - 46.4sqm
    Diamond Suite2Ensuite54 sqm
    Daisy Classic1Ensuite20 sqm
    Rose Deluxe1Ensuite32 sqm
    Iris Classic (Concessional)1Ensuite21 sqm
    Tulip Deluxe1Ensuite25 sqm
    Lily Classic1Ensuite22 sqm
    Orchid Suite1Ensuite45 sqm
    Pearl Deluxe1Ensuite56.5 sqm sqm
    Lily Classic (Concessional)1Ensuite22 sqm
    Sapphire Suite1Ensuite74.3 - 79 sqm
    Platinum Suite1Ensuite103.3 sqm
    Diamond Suite1Ensuite66 sim
    Topaz1Ensuite62.4 - 60.8 sqm

    About the Staff

    204 mins
    All Care Staff
    31 mins
    Registered Nurse

    Types of staff employed

    Enrolled Nurses
    Registered Nurses
    Personal Carers
    Speech Pathologists
    Care Managers
    Allied Health Assistants
    Lifestyle and Recreation

    The average resident at Emmy Monash Aged Care received 204 minutes of total daily care from a combination of support workers, enrolled and registered nurses. This is 103% of their daily total care target of 199 minutes set by the Australian government based on the unique needs of their residents.

    Things to know

    About the operator

    • Operated by Emmy Monash Aged Care Inc
    • Not for profit business
    • Is Commonwealth government subsidised
    • ABN: 64022404782

    Safety Checks

    • Certification valid
    • Has not received notice of sanction
    • Is accredited

    Religions practised

    • Judaism


    518-526 Dandenong Road Caulfield 3161 Vic


    What is the ACQSC star rating of Emmy Monash Aged Care?

    Emmy Monash Aged Care has an overall ACQSC star rating of Acceptable.

    What is the price range of residential aged care at Emmy Monash Aged Care?

    Emmy Monash Aged Care has 21 different types of rooms which range in price between $880,000 and $2,700,000 maximum refundable accomodation deposit.

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