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Cambridge House

Residential aged care at Cambridge House in Kew, Victoria

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    Cambridge House is now located at St Vincent's Hospital's Berengarra site, offering a variety of resident services. It includes facilities such as two lounges, dining rooms, a meeting room, and a courtyard. The home supports a range of activities like bus trips, arts and crafts, movie days, and music, all managed by a dedicated Lifestyle Coordinator. Residents benefit from specialized spaces like a sensory room, art area, and a reminiscence area, with programs available seven days a week.

    Highly qualified nurses are available across all shifts, ensuring an excellent staff-to-resident ratio. Regular visits from St Vincent’s healthcare professionals include a Physiotherapist, Podiatrist, Dietitian, and Speech Pathologist. Pastoral Care services are available, with monthly Mass and weekly communion sessions catering to all denominations.

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    Patrick Bishop
    Patrick Bishop
     · 08/01/2023

    I personaly found this place first floor to be the best treatment one could possibly get anywhere in the world . First class treatment first class staff from the junior student nurse right through to the senior consultant my main attending doctor was very friendly and interested in my welfare .The food I was served was of very high standard and the ladies that delivered the meals were cheery. Ifound they couldnt do enough to make my stay comfortable ten stars to all

    eliza weiss
    eliza weiss
     · 15/07/2022

    Last month my grandpa was fortunate enough to have a heart attack, My family and I were all so happy. But he soon recovered, and we all were overcome in depression and disappointment. We thought this was a good hospital. We were disgraced and appalled. But…We were so found out that we were wrong! As the doctor who was treating him at the time had given him the wrong dosage of something and he soon passed away! This hospital staff and care was amazing! They did exactly what we wanted! I Highly recommend to anyone. Great experience

    Dora Odicho
    Dora Odicho
     · 16/09/2021

    To all the staff at St George’s Hospital & TCP Our father grandfather & husband was a patient for many weeks at the hospital & TCP. Our family would love to thank you all for the wonderful care and compassion shown to our father and our family. The amazing care, kindness and compassion you showed to him was exemplary and you always made us feel more than welcome when we would visit. The service provided by all the staff was exceptional in particular Nurse Noriko (the most tender soul), Dr Chen, Dr Ong and Nurse in Charge Jill. We were kept in the loop throughout his entire stay. We were constantly kept informed and up to date with his progress. We are most grateful to all you Thank you

    Al Howden
    Al Howden
     · 07/05/2018

    My grandma was unfortunate enough to break her arm just before Christmas last year. After 4 weeks in hospital because she couldn't move by herself she was asked to move to St George's. Appalling service! They didn't help her to the bathroom meaning she just went on her bed and sat it in for days before they would change the sheets. After being in there for another 4 weeks in there and a request each day for a shower they did not give her one! Many lies about "being too busy" but when my mum and I would visit they would just be on their phones around the front desk gossiping about what they did on the weekend. This is not a hospital at all! No help trying to help her recover strength in her arm nor getting her up and walking around like the Epworth Hospital. My grandma is a hilarious and crazy woman who doesn't shut up, this hospital make her miserable, no more classic Greek jokes and so quiet. After 4 weeks we couldn't stand her lying there withering away anymore so we took her to our own home to take care of her... after a week of my family helping her (shower every day, help to the bathroom and proper food!) she went back to her old self in a weeks time! A ridiculous amount of money wasted on this place for absolutely no help!

    Les Brown
    Les Brown
     · 05/03/2018

    In early November 2017 I was unfortunate enough to have had a stroke. Following a number of weeks in St Vincent’s I was transferred to St George’s hospital for rehabilitation. I was terrified but determined to get well again. The staff (Admin, Support, Nursing and the Doctors) were amazing. They helped me become comfortable and got me on my way to recovery. Everyday for months they cared, provided for my needs and worked hard to assist my recovery. Every single one of the Staff members overflowed with knowledge and kindness, and lead me to a point whereby I could speak, think and walk again sufficiently to cope on my own. They arranged for ongoing programs I could benefit from following my departure from hospital even though I was heading interstate to be with family. I owe these people a great deal of gratitude and can’t speak highly enough of their skill and commitment. Thank you so very much. You are all genuine and caring people and deserve the very best in life for the great job you do. My very sincere thank you and best wishes. Les.

    Rooms & Pricing

    $225,000 - $250,000 · 38 rooms · Concessional residents welcome

    Ground Floor, Room 9B2Shared11.2
    Ground Floor, Room 3A1Shared13.1
    Ground Floor, Room 8B2Shared11.2
    Ground Floor, Room 2B2Shared11.1
    Shared room2Shared11.5
    Ground Floor, Room 7B2Shared11.4
    Ground Floor, Room 5D4Shared8.4
    Ground Floor, Room 6A1Shared12.2
    Ground Floor, Room 7C2Shared10.7
    Ground Floor, Room 1B2Shared11
    Ground Floor, Room 9C2Shared10.9
    Ground Floor, Room 10C2Shared10.1
    Ground Floor, Room 1C2Shared11.5
    Ground Floor, Room 2A1Shared12.1
    Ground Floor, Room 3B2Shared11.1
    Ground Floor, Room 10A1Shared13
    Ground Floor, Room 9A1Shared12.1
    Ground Floor, Room 4C2Shared10.3
    Ground Floor, Room 5A4Shared14.6
    Ground Floor, Room 10B2Shared12.1
    Ground Floor, Room 6B2Shared11.1
    Ground Floor, Room 8C2Shared10.9
    Ground Floor, Room 3C2Shared10.6
    Ground Floor, Room 6C2Shared11
    Ground Floor, Room 7A1Shared12.1
    Ground Floor, Room 4B2Shared12.2
    Ground Floor, Room 5C4Shared14.6
    Ground Floor, Room 1A1Shared13.5
    Ground Floor, Room 5B4Shared8.4
    Ground Floor, Room 8A1Shared12.1

    Things to know

    About the operator

    • Operated by St Vincent's Hospital (Melbourne) Limited
    • Is Commonwealth government subsidised
    • ABN: 22052110755

    Safety Checks

    • Certification valid
    • Has not received notice of sanction
    • Is accredited


    283 Cotham Road Kew 3101 Vic