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Blue Care Alexandra Hills Nandeebie Aged Care Facility *

Residential aged care at Blue Care Alexandra Hills Nandeebie Aged Care Facility * in Alexandra Hills, Queensland

  • Permanent
  • Respite
  • Dementia
  • About the home

    Blue Care Nandeebie Aged Care Facility in Queensland offers 76 beds that cater to low care, high care, and dementia-specific needs. It has a variety of weekly lifestyle activities for residents, such as movie afternoons, shopping trips, BBQs, social games, and entertainment.

    The facility includes a Memory Support Unit featuring a sensory garden. It uses CareApp to send updates directly to the loved ones of residents. Blue Care, operating for over 65 years, is noted for its high-quality care and supportive community environment.

    • Gardens
    • Nearby shops
    • Onsite hairdresser
    • Organised activities
    • Onsite chapel
    • Near to beach
    • Transport
    Narelle Dorothy Halverson (Grammy)
    Narelle Dorothy Halverson (Grammy)
     · 31/01/2023

    The Blue Care respite day is wonderful. They are a friendly group of ladies and gentlemen. Very enjoyable day out.

    Steve Wells
    Steve Wells
     · 25/09/2019

    My parents really loved their weekly visits here and had some great social interactions, they found the staff to be wonderful. Interactions with staff by our family were also very warm and helpful.

    Suzanne Haynes
    Suzanne Haynes
     · 14/04/2019

    So far the Nandeebie retirement centre has been a positive experience. Paperwork for admissions is like any large organisation- confusing and time consuming. The staff have been extremely pleasant and helpful. Meals have been a winner and activities are constant. My elderly friend is happy, relaxed and safe!

    Georgina Eades
    Georgina Eades
     · 21/01/2019

    Take great care of my grandma, a little confusing to navigate but helpful staff make that easier, my grandma finally seems to feel at home somewhere, and all the family here really love having her so close to home. The staff are also lovely and considerate when it comes to taking her out on day trips, and always tell us amazing stories about what grandma has been up to while we’ve been away.

    Anna Benakich
    Anna Benakich
     · 07/04/2018

    I just found out that blue care Redlands lied to me over many years in many meetings, reviews and complaints in my despair to demand more domestic help because I am fully confined to a wheelchair limited function in all limbs, chronic pain, no living family no friends help, I’m struggling to eat health when pain days are really bad , went through breast cancer alone , two broken arms and was told I can only have max two hours a week, but , stupid dumb me, only now found when I called my funding dept to get advice - from. CCCM, THAT IS IS NOT TRUE, this was a lie, years of bluecare lying to me, my funding is for what I need and if I needed my domestic help that includes foodPrep I was intitled to that it was always my right. I have five hours funding Paid for and I can choose how I need that help......I forth so hard for food preparation help that comes under domestic, but blue care kept saying no, my funding doesn’t allow more than 2 hrs a week, my funding doesn’t pay for food not true! I was speechless, shocked And I’m the one going in and out of councilling and break downs after break downs, and physical health deterioration fighting for more domestic help, begging in and out of hospital, and all those tears and stress and two attempts to take my life and I now I just found out I in fact always entitled to, but melodiously denied by blue care🙅. Fight after fight. I did complaint after complaint, sick and bloody tired crying, don’t want these lazy PC cert three workers ,they say, I don’t clean they are personal careers , PC workers here in my home. But , week after week the suffering continued, one after another cert three PC lazy workers in my home telling me they don’t do domestic they are here to drink my tea coffee and talk to me ,refuse to make my bed, chop up veg, hang out washing etc 1 told me to join people like me groups, the other kept yelling leaning into my face, dragging out her words and drawing pitchers in the air.......I’m not intellectually disabled. Bluecare did care, didn’t investigate. Blue care used my funding money that is suppose to help me, but didn’t for over five years..... On days they are supposed to be here for 3 hours they log in on their phone system when they pull up on the road so my time starts and I pay for them to slowly gather their personal items, lock car, walk to house, knock on door, and they leave early so they can walk back to there car and are sitting in their car the exact time they arrived sitting in their car. My time does not start in the house when work begins So depending on how long they take u might get 2.40 hours. But you pay for three. You pay for arrival and departure Spread the word This is what they are doing to me, please check your funding rights, you pick how you want your funding money delivered in most if not all govt funding.

    Rooms & Pricing

    $417,000 - $432,000 · 76 rooms · Concessional residents welcome

    Room 1 - Single room + private ensuite1Ensuite21
    Deluxe Single room + private ensuite1Ensuite21

    Things to know

    About the operator

    • Operated by The Uniting Church in Australia Property Trust (Q.) through Blue Care
    • Is Commonwealth government subsidised
    • ABN: 96010643909

    Safety Checks

    • Certification valid
    • Has not received notice of sanction
    • Is accredited


    87 Winchester Road Alexandra Hills 4161 Qld