Caring Co for providers is our new set of tools to drive qualified, zero risk admission referrals so our partners can put their marketing efforts on autopilot and fill their vacancies sooner.

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Boost your marketing with targeted advertising

We spend our own money to promote our partners vacancies across leading ad networks like google search, facebook, instagram, and web. This means you can expect to see a greater number of qualified enquiries and significantly faster than traditional directories that don’t commit significant paid advertising to promoting their providers. It also means you don’t need to worry about an expensive marketing team, or spend your own budget trying to figure out how to fill your vacancies. We take care of that for you.

  • Advertise your vacancies on google, facebook, instagram, and web.
  • Preferential search placement in Caring Co search results
  • Media rich, customisable profile
  • Free marketing consulting from our team of experts

Save time with customisable admission referrals

Spend more time focusing on providing care and less time on manual responses, data entry and advertising. Our tech allows us to provide qualified admission referrals that require a lower time commitment between initial conversation and a successful move-in than a typical partner referral.

It starts without an admission referral process that allows our clients to directly request information from providers and take actions through automated workflows. For instance instead of a client having to email the provider to organize a time for a tour, they can do this directly from our website or via our free concierge placement. Moreover our referral placement info packets are customisable by providers which ensures we are providing all the information you need.

We’ve also built for our providers a direct data feed integration with my aged care and their own websites. This means you won’t need to update your Caring Co profiles if room information changes or new marketing collateral is added. We automatically do this on your behalf to save you time.

  • Customisable referral forms.
  • Direct admission referrals
  • Tour booking portal
  • Data feed integration
  • CRM integration

Save money & only pay for successful move-ins

To support us in providing our service at zero-cost to consumers, we charge a small, zero-risk placement fee to our partners that is only payable upon the successful move in of an admission referral from Caring Co. This fee is designed so that in most cases to be less than 1% of the placement revenue to our partners. This is significantly cheaper and faster than alternative options including hiring a marketing team or agency.

  • Zero risk, pay only upon successful move-in
  • Zero management or setup fees

What we’re building next for our providers

We’re only just getting started and have lots of exciting developments to help support our providers in filling their vacancies faster.

  • Tour scheduling: Accept direct tour bookings from clients on both the Caring Co website and your own website.
  • Move in document support: Allow our partners to accept move in ready patients with completed paperwork.
  • Lead management: Build our own provider enquiry management system which allows providers to connect with and manage their enquiries all in one place.


What do the admission referrals look like.

We collect detailed information on the client to send to you as part of the referral. This information includes the clients name, contact information, care required and funding status. However this is customisable based on the specific requirements of the home. We can also call the client immediately upon enquiry to ensure they’re a good fit for your home.

How do you receive admission referrals.

Your designated admission coordinator will receive an email notification upon an accepted Caring Co enquiry. If you use a CRM we can also send the referrals there as well.

Can you switch admission referrals on and off.

Yes! If you no longer have availability just let us know and we’ll disable admission referrals at your specified home. You won’t be charged any fees.

What if I only want to verify my profile.

Thats fine too. It’s really important to us that we display the most up to date information to our clients, verifying your profile helps us do this as we can then provide you with direct access to manage your profile. It’s completely free to do this and your profile will receive increased visibility as we preference verified profiles in our ranking algorithm.. And when you’re ready to accept admission referrals simply let us know and we’ll get to work promoting your profile.

How much does it cost to recieve admission referrals.

We charge a flat fee of $2000+ GST which is only payable upon successful residential placement. We charge a discounted $950+ GST per successful respite care placement. Should they convert to residential an additional $1050 would be payable. No ongoing, setup, strategy, ad spend, or any other fee or cost. We are super open and we are tenacious about this transparency.

Am I locked into a contract?

No, the contract you are signing is open ended, with no expiration date.